The Mitsubishi Javln has stayed under the radar screen as a top performing shaft. But I tell you what. If you like secrets and you can keep one, this is one to take note. The Javln is a solid game-improving shaft. Using the TRH50 – a proprietary carbon fiber with a higher modulus of elasticity, the Javln has created a hugely responsive shaft engineered to deliver tour-caliber performance.

Bottom line is the Javln produces results that are a blend of power, distance, feel and accuracy. Is it for a heavy hitter? Probably not because of the fairly high bend point. But the Javln is a solid shaft that probably does receive its due.


This shaft is built for performance, especially in the distance category. The combination of a higher bend point coupled with a higher torque, makes this shaft a potential distance monger.


Since the characteristics favor the player seeking distance, the accomplished player with higher club head speeds need to be wary of the potential for a control problem. But again, much of this is subjective from the standpoint of feel.

Overall Rating-

The Mitsubishi Javln is a sleeping giant – a great, great shaft. But then again, you would expect nothing less from the stellar golf shaft maker Mitsubishi. The Javln comes in the M6 and M7 with several weight options. If you are looking for more distance with an added bonus of good roll, check out the Mitsubishi Javln.