Not all golf clubs displayed at your favorite golf shop’s racks is suited for you. These off-the-rack golf equipment are designed and manufactured using standard lengths and sizes when each golf player has his own body type and swing characteristic. This is the reason why there is a thing called custom fitting golf clubs. Many have benefited from custom fitting their golf equipment while many are getting interested with all the testimonies that come about it. However, the most common question that accompanies this idea is about the cost. Just how much would club fitting cost a golfer?

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Golf Club Fittings Are Expensive But Advantageous. Posted on March 21st, 2013 by Administrator. Golf Club Fittings Are Expensive Golf fittings cost a lot and in addition incredibly helpful, for fear that this fever for you to play the game of golf

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Custom Golf Clubs – Low cost Custom Fitted Golf Clubs For Duffers. September 26th, 2012. Lifetime Bonus at BetOnline. Uncover the key your golf ball currently understands and enhance your golf game within the procedure. Study how fitted

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You aren’t “good enough” for a fitting (you are). That the fittings cost too much (they don’t). For those who haven’t read our reviews of golf fitting and performance centers, know that we are big fans of being professionally fit for golf clubs. We’ve

Custom fitting golf clubs is like creating a golf club that isn’t yet available in the market. This golf club is specially designed to match your personal specifications including your height, shape and swing style.  Getting your golf clubs custom fitted is like putting a good investment your golf career. Whether you do golf as a hobby, sport or any other reason, the benefits you can get from custom fitted golf clubs will always outwit its costs.