Whether you are a junior, amateur or professional golfer, it is without a doubt that your clubs need to be fitted.  Each golfer has his distinct physical characteristics and swing styles. For this reason, each much undergo club fitting to find the best matched golf clubs for him. Many golfers are already well aware of the benefits that club fitting brings in their sport. More and more are engaging in this worthy process. The following tips are worth reading if you plan to visit a club fitting center anytime from now.

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Posted by: The Golf Drill Guru on February 5, 2011 in Quick Tips 2 Comments. club fitting vs golf instruction But before you go down the road of club shopping, fitting and lessons, let me explain a little more about club fitting. Club fitting is now

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Golfers pretty much enjoy the sport they are involved in because it’s much more relaxed and requires no contact with others. It’s good news for them that they can actually improve their performance, either they are pros or not,

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You might experience a bit of a back and forth type tennis match inside your head before arriving back in the present, but better golf is played with a mindset in the current moment. Tip 21. Just as you can get fitted for clubs you

A golfer’s game will surely step up to a higher level if the golf clubs used are custom fitted. Custom fitting allows golf players to have somebody else analyze their swing shots and record the measurements in a golf club fitting chart. This allows thorough inspection of the areas you may be struggling at yet you must have overlooked. The player’s abilities are measured using modern equipment that provides accurate readings and evaluation. Learn from the tips discussed above and enjoy a fruitful club fitting experience.