You may have already heard some golfers who have undergone custom fitting golf clubs also went to custom fit their golf balls. Yes! One of the latest trends in the golf industry in the last few years is the custom fitting of golf equipment including golf balls. And this applies not just for tour professionals but even to golf enthusiasts of average handicaps. But, why do we really have to care if our golf balls are custom fitted or not? Here are some discussions about custom fitting golf balls and the benefit it brings to a golfer’s game.

Titleist Performance Golf Ball Fitting: The Facts About Swing Speed

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In winning The Players Championship at TPC Sawgrass recently, K.J. Choi used a Titleist golf ball designed for players of all swing speeds. Same for Steve Stricker in his victory last week at The Memorial. The list goes on and

Why Undertake a ball fit test? | Golf Offers, Hints …

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Golfsupports Ball Fitting for Nike 20XI, Taylormade, Titleist, Bridgestone, Callawa and all other brands.

Bridgestone Ball Fitting – Now With More Options : The Hackers …

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While at the 2013 PGA Show, THP got a chance to speak with Bridgestone Golf about ball fitting, and what they are doing to make sure golfers everywhere are playing the correct ball for their game. The company has evolved

Bridgestone Ball Fitting for a Senior Golfer | Purgatory Golf Club

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In this video we catch up with senior golfer Dick Merchent as he is fitted by Bridgestone for a proper golf ball for his swing. Tadd, the gentleman from Bridgestone, does a great job of explaining how the laser will capture his swing. Through this

Golfers, whatever handicap level they may be, all benefit from custom fitting. In custom fitting, golf balls are often overlooked among the golfer’s list of equipment. We may have known very few golfers who have undergone custom fitting of golf balls however this does not negate the benefits that getting the golf balls fitted. Just how golfers take advantage playing with perfectly fit drivers and irons, they must also enjoy playing in the greens with a custom fitted golf balls. An equipment tailored to match the golfer’s characteristics will surely bring in better scores.