I have heard many people claiming that golf is one of the most fun filled sports to play. The entire body is utilized to generate strength in driving the golf club. This same energy is then translated to the ball propelling towards the hole the player is aiming for. Every swing shot seems to be distinctly interesting that is why more and more people are also getting interested with it, investing in their individual custom fitted golf sets. This article is written to provide some reviews about custom fitting golf clubs and what can we expect from the golf industry in the days ahead.

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I need to tell everyone about the next step in my golfing life. You see, I’m finally putting down my off-the-shelf clubs (the same set I’ve been playing with since I took up the game), and getting myself fitted for a new set!

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I have approached my own golf game with this mentality, and thus have visited over a half-dozen club fitting facilities in my career ranging from local golf shops to certified club fitters with their own shop. None of those could …. 2012 at 2:22 pm. Well done on the review!! This looks like exactly the kind of place I need to spend some time but unless they open a new location in Jacksonville, Orlando or Atlanta I think the odds are that I won’t ever get the opportunity. Reply

The Hot Drivers and Shafts for 2013 | Andrew Rice Golf

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As a result I recently spent some time with friend and clubfitting guru Ian Fraser from Modern Golf in Toronto Canada, discussing what he deemed to be the top driver and shaft options available for 2013. Ian has no affiliation

The related articles listed above discussed the advantages of using custom fitted golf clubs, how club fitting is done in a fitting center as well the latest golf equipment available in the market. Taking the tips discussed above and applying them in the greens will surely bring your golf game into a higher level. Get your golf set custom fitted and be ready for a whole new experience in the golf course. Having your golf clubs custom fitted is undoubtedly a good choice.