If you have finally decided to get serious in playing golf, custom fitting your golf clubs is the next thing that you have to do. The clubs you bought at your favorite golf shop may work just right if all your physical and swing specifications fall on the averages. But, it is more likely not. That is why many golfers opt to go for golf club fitting. Investing for the process is a worthwhile action since the right set of golf equipment leads you to better golf skills and of course, better golf games. The following articles discuss how golf club fitting is done.

Cool Clubs – The Ultimate Club Fitting Experience


By the end of the fitting, I was put into new hybrids that were at a 3.5 frequency. Sue has not only done a fantastic job getting the right clubs in my bag, which can be attested by the fact that they have lasted me through the

The Process Of My Custom Club Fitting


But in the meantime, many have asked me about the actual process of the club fitting. Was it hi-tech I could have done them all again, but what would that have gotten me had I not seen the end result of my swing? Any of us

Golf clubs are customized based on the scientific analysis of a golfer’s swing shots and physical measurements. The data are logged using a golf club fitting chart which becomes the basis for finding the golf clubs that best suits the golfer. The process won’t take too much of time but will the results will be awesome. To undergo the process and buy a custom fitted golf set is a wise investment. So, go and start boosting your golf games!