When it comes to learning about golf, golf equipment for beginners, is a subject sometimes greatly overlooked.

There are of course those lengthy books on how to swing, practicing tips, and how to train to be a good golfer, and you will find some of the best known sports stars endorsing some great products, making them even more desirable.

However, not every golfer is Tiger Woods, so not everyone will need the same equipment that he uses, especially if the golfer is just beginning to learn about golf.

Also juniors will need more specialist junior golf equipment which has been designed with smaller heads for slower swings and with shorter, more flexible shafts, these great package sets of clubs ensure that your kids hit the ball properly and really enjoy the game.

If you are new to golfing, using a Tiger Woods club will only make it harder on you because it was made for a professional, not someone who is just learning.

This applies to all types of golf equipment so when you are at the golf shop or are shopping at an online golf shop try not to focus to much on endorsements.

What you should consider using

When buying golf equipment, golf clubs are going to be one of the most expensive things that you buy. Because of this, you should spend a little extra time researching clubs that will work for you. Don’t go by name brands. Find a club that fits what you need.

Golf clubs are usually made of steel and graphite. However, some are made of carbon fibre and titanium and composite alloys. For you, it is best to stick to steel and graphite clubs.

Clubs that are steel shafted are much more durable than carbon fibre or graphite clubs. they are more robust but you will find that they weigh more so are not as easy to carry or use. Steel shafted clubs are said to have much more accuracy and control compared to graphite ones.

They require a less level of twisting, but don’t have the effective range that graphite shafted clubs do. You will have to use more power and a quicker swing to make the golf ball go the distance you need it to.

These work best for beginners because they help to develop accuracy and control from the start.

Picking the right shaft flex or level of stiffness for the club is also important to a beginner golfer. Professional golfers usually use a high level of stiffness so that high swing speeds can be generated. This means more power from a stiff flex.

Golf Balls

It can be uneconomical to soend large chunks of cash on top class balls when the economy balls will do the job nicely. As a new golfer, your tendency will be to lose quite a few balls, which is to be expected so don’t worry. Start with the cheaper varieties until your losses are more acceptable.

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