Every golfer comes to a point where his golf shots are not so good. Even professional players get to have bad shots. For some, it probably happens from time to time especially if their golf equipment isn’t custom fitted. It is important for golf players to have their golf set custom fitted to avoid frequently recurring bad shots. Golfers must consult their golf club fitting charts to achieve the golf clubs best suited for their needs. Custom fitted golf clubs lead golfers to better swing shots and therefore, better scores.

Just How DOES Professional Clubfitting Allow a Golfer to Play Better …


The most common form of game improvement I hear from clubmakers when fitting very skilled golfers is that skilled golfer likes some aspect of the FEEL of their custom fit clubs better and from this they gain more confidence in playing. For most, the results are typically two or more of the following: 10 more yards off the tee, hitting 2-3 more fairways a round and losing fewer balls out of play, hitting 2-4 more greens in regulation or having shorter third shots into par-4

Why Golf Club Fitting is Good for You


Custom-fitting is specific enough these days to deliver to you a club set that’s almost perfectly matched to your body. However it’s not a perfect practice and some custom sets have a bad fit. Some golfers may be better off with a standard set.

So many new technologies and methodologies pop out in many different industries. The golf world is no exception to this. There are golfers who seem to get overwhelmed with the fast pacing and changing technology in the golf industry. There may be some who won’t believe the power of using custom fitted golf clubs. But, it really does! Custom fitting is scientifically done and many golfers have testified how it changed their performances. So, the next time you get to experience a bad game despite giving your best shots, check if your club matches your characteristics.