Fujikura Speeder Overview/Technology-

The Fujikura Speeder is a shaft that has been a Fujikura best seller list for many years. The shaft has a loyal following in the PGA tour and is another shaft built for the more advanced player but recently has made it accessible by offering a number of choices within the model. Fujikura announced recently that the Speeder shaft was the #1 shaft on the PGA tour for 8 years running! Certainly a great tribute to the greatness of this shaft.

Triax technology is at the crux of the Speeder success – a carbon fiber woven in honeycomb structure giving the shaft extraordinary abilities to withstand twisting that occurs during the swing.

Player Profile-

What makes the Speeder stand above most other high-end shafts is its accessibility to the average golfer. Fujikura did a great of this by offering a number of models, identified by weight.

Fujikura Speeder 569 and 582 models (56 to 61 grams) are a higher spin and launch shaft for the average to above average golfer.

Fujikura Speeder 652 and 686 models are slightly heavier (65 to 70 grams) are mid spin and launch shaft for the better player.

Fujikura Speeder 757 (the hometown hero of the Speeder) is the heaviest (77 to 82 grams) designed for the accomplished player looking for optimal trajectory, that being a low, piercing ball flight.

The Fujikura Speeder has certainly earned its repuation as being a solid performer, a shaft that will certainly elevate your game. Due to the choice of Speeders though, it’s best to experiement to make sure you get into the right one.

Positive Takeaways- A great all-around shaft. What I like about the Speeder is the multitude of weights and bend points to match virtually anyone that wants to use the shaft that has had an 8-year run atop the PGA favorites. It trully is a great shaft.

Negative Takeaways- None to speak of. The 757 and even the 652 and 686 are probably too much club for the average golfer. But other than that, a shaft does not get a top rating for standing still in technological imporvements.

Player Comments –

The Speeder Series is about as good as it gets

Overall Review Rating-

The Fujikura Speeder shafts is, simply put, a great shaft. Again, 8 years running as the #1 shaft on the PGA tour is not easily accomplished.

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