Taken straight from Fujikura, the Fujikura E100 Series which consists of the Fujikura E150 and Fujikura E160, “Proven Technology for the Player Looking to Get Better,” these are words that probably hit home for the majority of golfers out there. The E100 Series is designed for the good player that wants to take that next step, but just not quite ready for prime time, tour type player that is – this is likely to hit home for a great number of you reading this review. So let’s take a look at this nice shaft by Fujikura.

Fujikura E150 – this model is fairly light coming in at only 55-58 grams with a with a high spin rate. The Bend profile is also low making this a shaft that will probably produce more distance given it’s weight and bend profile.

Fujikura E160 – this model is a slightly heavier model than the E150 coming in at 64-66 grams. The Bend profile is Low to Medium. This will produce a more piercing ball flight than the E150 but still is considered a high launcher. Both models are in fact, considered to be a High Launch shaft.

Here’s a visual comparison-

Fujikura E150 vs. E160

Fujikura E150 vs. E160

Actual Player Feedback-

“it gives me a great penetrating ball flight and allows me to shape the ball with out any extreme shape”


This is a good fit for a low to mid handicapper, probably with a smooth swing. The higher spin rate combined with a Bend profile lends itself well to a higher ball launch and will be well suited for a good player looking to get better with distance.


Probably not well-suited for a low handicapper with a strong or fast swing speed. Again, given the profile of the shaft, it may start ballooning on this type of player.

This shaft may be an “in between-er” for some golfers. Designed for the better player but some of its characteristics still lean toward the recreational player looking to get better. The only way you can truly determine if its a good fit for you is to try it out, preferably on a launch monitor.

Overall Rating-

The Fujikura E150 and Fujikura E160 are very good shafts, made by one of the best shaft makers in the business. Definitely worth giving it a test drive. Again, we recommend getting trying before buying, preferably on a launch monitor.