The Fujikura Vista is not only considered to be a classic by not only Fujikura, but by many avid golfers that swear to the performance of this shaft.

The Vista comes in either Pro or Tour versions. Today, we will take a quick look at this great shaft.

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The Vista Tour is a low spin, low launch shaft for quicker tempos. The Tour only comes in only 60 or 70 gram weight class.

The Vista Pro on the other hand, is covers a broader spectrum, but is mainly for the smooth tempo player, looking for a medium to higher launch and keeping spin at bay. The Pro ranges in weight from 50 grams all the way up to 90. Fujikura really did a good job of offering this shaft to a wide variety of players.

Actual Player Feedback-

“Great shafts”

“I get a strong med-high ball-flight. Shaft’s very stable through impact and made the already explosive feeling clubheads, even better”

4.1 Handicap, can usually pop a drive out there anywhere from 10 yrds – 300+ yrds, if I jump on it. Pretty wild until I got this golf shaft. Granted, I have been swing the club pretty well these days, but this is the best golf shaft I have used in a long time. I was using the Adilia NV stiff, but it was still to wippy, has some real issues with spraying shots left and right. Same with my old Clev Launcher 460 8.5deg, with the original Fujikura gold color golf shaft, sFlex”

Great shaft if you want to lower your trajectory”

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A proven shaft that has been part of Fujikura for quite some time. A very solid shaft that a wide variety of golfers look for in a shaft.


Tour has minimal options.

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Overall Rating-

If you are looking for a stellar shaft in a decent price range, you need to try the Fujikura Vista. Most golfers will opt for the Pro only because of the vast number of options available, especially in the number of weight options in the Pro. The very cool silver metallic finish is very attractive is a topper. Two thumbs up!