Fujikura is one of the leaders in golf shafts and the Rombax is one of their premier shaft models. The Rombax is really three shaft models in one, the Rombax W, Rombax X, and Rombax Z and all pack a punch – and each far reaching – we will be discussing the profile of each of these and more.

The Rombax W is a shaft designed for players average players with standard ball flight and launch angle but like to “go after it” once in a while without losing control and consistency. Control with distance is the emphasis.

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The Rombax X model has a softer butt design yielding an ever so slightly higher launch angle but still reducing the overall spin rates. Increase distance is the emphasis.

The Rombax Z is the newest shaft in the Rombax family, introduced in 2008, this shaft targets the “better” player with a desire for a low, penetrating ball flight. The Z has a stiff tip and high bend profile making it easy to dramatically reduce ball spin and launch angle.

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Rombax Spec Sheet-

Rombax Model
Bend Point
Rombax W 5W06
Mid Mid 58-62 Mid
Rombax W 6W06
Low/Mid Mid 65-70 Mid
Rombax W 7W06 Low Mid 78-81 Mid
Rombax X 5X07 Mid Mid/High 53-58 Low/Mid
Rombax X 7X07
Mid Mid/High 63-68 Low/Mid
Rombax X 5Z08 Low/Mid Mid/High 72-76 Low/Mid
RombaxZ 5Z08
Low/Mid Mid 54-59 High
Rombax Z 6Z08 Low/Mid Low/Mid 63-69 High
Rombax Z 7Z08 Low/Mid Low 75-79 High
Rombax Z 8Z08 Low/Mid Low 86-87 High

Actual Player Feedback-

“Nothing compares to the 6Z08. Nothing!”

“I’m telling you, this is THE shaft to try”

“The Diamanas have NOTHING on these Z series Rombax shafts…NOTHING!!!”


The Rombax has a very loyal following mainly do to it’s broad reach. The shaft fits a wide variety of players.


Couldn’t find anything specific as far as negatives. The shaft has not been out long (2008′) and the feedback thus far, although minimal, very positive.

Overall Rating-

The Fujikura Rombax is definitely a shaft to try. Do to it’s wide range effect, it’s best to go and try it on the range. Many players have provided very positive feedback.