The new Cobra L5V is a large face driver that combines light carbon crown and sole insert to move the center of gravity (CG) so low that as much as 70 percent of the face is above the CG!  So if you are looking for a low CG, you’ve found you’ve found it with the L5V.

Tom Morris, Principal Design Lead Engineer from Cobra, states “this is significantly more than most drivers (CG) and ensures over a high ball speeds to optimize launch conditions over a large face area.”

The Cobra L5V combines titanium (body, face and insert), carbon composite (crown and sole) aluminum (hosel), stainless steel (swingweight screw) and tungsten (screw) to make for no limitations in terms of the weight that can be moved around the head.

Actual Player Feedback-

“played 36 holes this weekend with this driver with the stock Diamana Redboard stiff and all I can say is wow, this this is seriously long”

“blows me away, better then any driver i have hit including the FT-iq, 09 burner, cleveland launcher”

“I like the big, rounded head, and the dimples on the top are cool; it give me something to focus on…”

“Very lightweight and it screams confidence with its high trampoline effect…”


2 adjustable settings to optimize your personal ball flight and a stock Diamana Red shaft makes for a great combination for the recreational player or better to fit nicely into this driver.


If it made the face angle adjustment up to 2 degrees instead of only 1, it would have been more meaningful.

Overall Rating-

The Cobra L5V driver may be a sleeper, but my concern is the marketing of this driver may have been sub-par.  Cobra for the most part, makes good drivers and markets them well.  But this one just didn’t catch one as much as the other in its class.  Nothing taken away from this driver though, it has had great comments.  My advice would be to demo it to see if fits your swing.