Cobra continues its assault on the competition with their “assembly line” like roll out of technologically advanced drivers, the latest is the Cobra ZL.  Armed with the ultimate pursuit of distance, Cobra combines multiple materials milled geometry in the face insert, and adjustable hosel which houses a 46 inch shaft, to create a pure monster – an absolute beast off the tee.

Designers replaced titanium with graphite in the crown and sole areas of the driver, to allow the Center of Gravity (CG) to be positioned “low and away,” way back toward the heel as a matter of fact.

Adjustable Flight Technology (AFT) provides three adjustable face angles for optimal ball flights.

Probably the biggest claim to fame during testing was the sound of the driver at impact.  Many noticed and complemented the sound, as being more like the L5V, that is a quieter and higher pitched one.  That’s a good thing.

Here’s a good overall video review of the Cobra ZL Driver:

Cobra ZL Specs-

Model “O” Setting “N” Setting “C” Setting Length Swing Weight Shaft Flex RH/LH
8.5 +2.5 +.05 -1.0 46 D4 Aldila VooDoo Stiff RH
9.5 +1.0 -0.5 -2.0 46 D4 Aldila VooDoo R, S RH/LH
10.5 +1.0 -0.5 -2.0 46 D4 Aldila VooDoo R, S RH/LH
11.5 +1.0 -0.5 -2.0 46 D4 Aldila VooDoo R RH

Actual Player Feedback-

“Seems like there’s a lot of club behind the ball but not in an overwhelming way.  Even mis-hits sounded good”

“It’s like a punch in the mouth – a lot of straight power”

“My distance has increased by at least 20 yards over my old Cobra F/Speed”

“On average I was hitting this driver 10-15yds farther then everything else and just as straight”

[review pros=”It really is no surprise Cobra introduced another distance oriented driver, and this one is the epitome of straight-distance. Coupled with the sound change makes this a very handsome pick in its class. The hot new Aldila VooDoo comes as a stock option which certainly doesn’t hurt!” cons=”Their shaft selection is good, but limited for the women and seniors. And since this driver has the average golfer golfer in mind, it may have been a mistake on the behalf of Cobra. Only time will tell.” score=99.6]

Overall Rating-

Absolute brilliant!  The new Cobra ZL has dominated the long, straight class of 2010′.  ZL stands for Zero Limits and that’s just what this driver is – no limits.  The Adjustable Flight Technology coupled with an extremely low CG gives this driver the look and feel of absolute power.  Just ask J.B. Holmes how good it is – the long distance monger has it in his bag!

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