Cleveland introduced, or should I say reintroduce, the new Cleveland Launcher this year. But I must say, it has me a bit puzzled as to why they didn’t come up with a new name. This driver is basically a new total redesign from last year’s model, similar to the other high MOI drivers in existence today.

Let’s start out by saying this driver may be similar to other high end drivers available today, but Cleveland has carved out it’s own little niche by offering a few unique designs, especially over last year’s model. In fact, Let’s compare this year’s Launcher over last years.

  • 21% Larger face over it’s predecessor allowing a more “forgiving” driver on mis-hits.
  • Thin Crown Technology – at only a half millimeter in thickness, the new Launcher crown is the thinnest yet. This moves all the potential weight low and deep to improve the center of gravity, optimize launch conditions and maximize distance.
  • Horseshoe Perimeter Sole Weighting – this significantly improves launch conditions along with stability especially on miss-hits, done by localizing weight low and deep, improving both MOI and center of gravity location.

Cleveland Launcher Specs-

Face Height= 55 mm
MOI= Very High
Face Area= 46.8 cm
Heel to Toe= 109 mm
Front to Back= 119 mm
Launch Angle= 8 out of 10
Spin= 5 out of 10

Actual Player Feedback-

“This is one of the best performing most underrated drivers out there. The newer technology drivers will provide more forgiveness on poor contact, but this is a club is exceptional”

“Believe me, I have tried them all. This club is still the best”


Designed for the serious mid-handicapper wanting a mid launch, low spin driver.


Did not find many however the driver’s design is new (to this model anyway). Very positive reviews found.

Overall Rating-

This is a very underrated driver, that I believe will progressively gain in acceptance and momentum. It achieved a Gold rating in Golf Digest in the 2009′ Drivers Under $350 category. What I like especially about this driver is Cleveland’s commitment to keep tradition alive but yet not at the expense of distance and control being seen by drivers these days. The technology in this club is sound and proven. I look forward to seeing how golfers perform with this driver. The Cleveland Launcher will be one to watch in the upcoming season!

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