Cleveland continues its assault on new driver releases.  Their latest?  The Rocket launcher- Cleveland Launcher DST.  The Launcher DST driver promises to be another sure-fire success touting a lightweight chassis that will dramatically increase ball speed.  Cleveland is certainly not the first to make their drivers lighter but they did so by keeping the original and classic appearance intact – appearance, size and shape of the original Launcher.  The total weight?  Slightly less than 300 grams!  Very nice.

Cleveland Launcher DST Specs-

Loft Head Size Length
* 9.0° 460cc 45.75″
* 10.5° 460cc 45.75″
12.0° 460cc 45.75″

Actual Player Feedback-

“This sucker is a rocket launcher”

“Seems incredibly light”

“We’ve achieved liftoff”

… do you see a common theme here?

Need more proof, look and see what the big boys on tour are saying about the new Cleveland Launcher DST:


Coming in at a little under 300 grams, this driver will do absolute wonders for the player looking for more distance by simply increasing ball speed.

Holy cow!  Did Cleveland pull out all stops on shaft offering!  We love to see major golf manufacturers realize the importance of the shaft.  Not only does Cleveland offer the Mitsubishi Redboard Diamana as standard, they offer a whole slew of great custom shafts including Aldila VooDoo, Fujikura Fit-On, Rombax, and Speeder, Grafalloy Pro Launch, Graphite Design Aura, Tour AD YSQ, Mitsubishi Diamana Whiteboard, and UST AXIVCore and ProForce V2 and others.


Well, lightweight is a good thing… in most cases.  I suppose getting too much of a good thing can have negative response.  Nah!

Overall Rating-

The new Cleveland Launcher DST is ready for prime time.  We are of the belief that lighter is good.  Lighter, shaft, ligher driver, all equate to longer distances in most cases.  If you are looking for a driver this year, check out the Cleveland Launcher DST – Houston, we are ready for blast off.