Cleveland HiBore Overview/Technology-

The Cleveland HiBore core is made up of three technologies. Energy Transfer Core, Distance Driven Geometry, and Full Face Performance. A short description of each is warranted to get a good a full depiction of the true performance potential of this driver.

The idea behind Energy Transfer Core is to create an efficient energy transfer that increase ball speeds, all from a system of thin, lightweight titanium spines. The Distance Driven Geometry concept consists of providing optimal launch conditions by moving the weight of the club head lower and deeper, this is called CG or Center of Gravity. And finally Full Face Performance is aligning the “sweet spot” to cover a large area of the club face thus increasing ball speed and distance.

Collectively, these three technologies result in a driver that puts a premium on a high Moment of Inertia (MOI). MOI is the latest buzz in the driver market , and with good reason. It is a fact that high MOI promotes a tighter dispersion of shots, something we all strive for in a driver especially. Well, Cleveland has does an excellent job of bundling these technologies to produce a whale of a driver, one that tips the scale on MOI.

Cleveland HiBore XLS Standard – Some features of the XLS Standard include a full 17% larger face than its predecessor, the XL and one of the biggest face on the driver market. 5300 increase in MOI, 13% increase over the XL and the maximum USGA allowed.

Cleveland HiBore XLS Tour – Some features of the XLS Tour include 2 degrees open clubface along with a toe biased weighting to “fade workability.”

Cleveland HiBore XLS Draw – Some features of the XLS Draw include a 3 degrees closed clubface to promote a draw.

A quick video covering an overview of the XLS:

Pros/Positives- This driver is the ultimate king of MOI. Anyone that’s tried this driver rarely goes back to anything else. It has a great appeal at address, just a great looking driver all around. Very “golfer friendly” meaning golfers of all levels can truly benefity from this driver.

Cons/Negatives- The sound is loud… but than again, some like that good healthy “pop”! The price can hold some golfers back – and because of that , some look at the XL instead.

Actual Player Feedback-

The ball comes off like a rocket”

“The best driver I have ever hit!”

“My old driver was a 10.5 Mizuno MX500 with a proforce V2 stiff shaft and the Cleveland XLS 10.5 Fujikura gold totaly destroyed it”

Overall Review/Rating-

The Cleveland HiBore is one of the most popular drivers available today. It simply performs and out performs most all other drivers. To return to Golf Gear Select Home.

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