Callaway Preowned golf program is a concept introduced by one of the largest, technologically-oriented golf manufacturers existing today.  The premise is to allow golfers experience the best of Callaway at reduced prices through preowned equipment.

There is no doubt Callaway is one of the most popular golf club manufacturers around.  They have deep pockets when it comes to R&D and have gained a reputation of using that R&D to their advantage, producing some of the most technologically advanced golf equipment.

So what’s the Callaway Preowned program about?  Simply put, it’s a way for golfers of all levels to gain access to the recent Callaway offerings at reduced rices through purchasing golf equipment preowned.  But don’t think you’ll be getting subpar golf equipment.  Callaway puts it through stringent testing before releasing it to the public.  Remember Honda Preowned Certified program?  Well, Callaway took a chapter out of that program and ran with it.

Below are just some of the great aspects of the Callaway Preowned program:

  • Ten Point Inspection – each club is given a 10 point inspection test, which includes structural integrity of head, cosmetic evaluation and clean up, proper length, proper loft, serial number identification, structural integrity of the shaft, grip replacement, proper lie, proper swing-weight, and field test.
  • Buy it, then Try It – Callaway Golf Pre-Owned & Outlet will buy back any club for a fixed price, if for some reason you don’t like it.  The value is prorated based on on the original date of purchase.  Below, is a diagram depicting this feature:
  • callaway_buy-back-valueTrade-in, Trade-up program – a recent Callaway program that provides additional ways for golfers to upgrade their equipment at additional savings.
  • Free Callaway head cover with every purchase – it’s always nice to get a new head cover!

What I personally like about this program is Callaway is backing the program 100% – this adds an element of buying confidence.

Overall, you will not find a better program to get your hands on recent golf technology at reduced prices.  The Callaway Preowned program is oriented to golfers wanting great quality, latest technology at the lowest prices and that’s what you’ll get.

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If you are looking to save big $ before the holiday season while maintaining high Callaway standards, you will do well by checking out the Callaway Preowned Diablo.