Well, tonight we are going to look at the new Callaway Big Bertha Diablo. And if that name doesn’t scare you off, you are in for a treat. This all titanium construction uses a unique hyperbolic cupface that is of variable thickness to optimize those off center hits that ultimately makes this one of the straightest new drivers of 2009′.

If the hyperbolic cupface doesn’t do the trick, the head fuses three sheets of titanium that includes a .68 millimeter crown that actually frees weight for use in an internal chip in the sole.

Callaway touts the new Edge Technology that provides a very high MOI with an optimized CG for both the Draw or Neutral models. The end result? A long, penetrating ball flight with the shot shape you desire even for the recreational player.

Callaway Diablo Specs-

Name Lie Available In
8Nº 57.0º RH Only
9Dº 57.0º RH / LH
9Nº 57.0º RH / LH
10Dº 57.0º RH / LH
10Nº 57.0º RH Only
11Dº 57.0º RH Only
13 HTDº 57.0º RH Only

Actual Player Feedback-

“Straightest club in the bunch”

“Anybody who has never hit a draw will love this club”

“Great distance, and I didn’t have any issues with losing the ball to the right”

Pros/Positive Takeaways-

This shaft earned rave reviews with testers of the Golf Digest Hot Driver List. The main theme after the test was one of straight and long. I personally think the Aldila DVS shaft was an excellent choice by Callaway. The Aldila DVS gives the driver a softer tip for extra ball speed off the tee.

Cons/Negative Takeaways-

It’s still too early what negatives if any will come from this driver. The only thing I could drum up is the fact that head is a bit odd shaped at address that may turn some off. I also read that the Diablo would not be part of the Callaway OptFit, a program that has earned some recognition for club/shaft fitting.

Overall Rating-

The Callaway Big Bertha Diablo should do very well, especially for the aspiring recreational player. The driver will provide distance and control off the tee.

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