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The Aldila DVS incorporates a new responsive tip that promotes extra kick at impact, making this a shaft for players looking for more power but yet keeping such measurables as Torque and Launch in check. To counter the responsive tip, Aldila stabalized the shaft with a unique flex profile and a fairly low torque.

Aldila’s revolutionary Micro Laminate Technology, enhanced with carbon nanotubes is responsible for giving this shaft an extremely stable but yet responsive feel.

Responsive tip with a low torque responds well to certain type of player, namely better than average looking for some distance. “High performance technology harnessed and perfected into a special blend of weight, torque, flex and feel. Simply put, sneaky long.”

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DVS 60

X .335/.350 .630 3.3 Mid 63g 46″-3.5″ F
S .335/.350 .630 3.3 Mid 63g 46″-3.5″ F
R .335/.350 .625 3.3 MID 63g 46″-3.5″ F

DVS 70

X .335/.350 .625 2.8 Mid 71g 46″-3.5″ F
S .335/.350 .625 2.8 Mid 71g 46″-3.5″ F
R .335/.350 .625 2.8 Mid 71g 46″-3.5″ F

DVS 80

X .335/.350 .630 2.3 Mid 84g 46″-3.5″ F
S .335/.350 .630 2.3 Mid 84g 46″-3.5″ F
R .335/.350 .630 2.3 Mid 84g 46″-3.5″ F

Actual Player Feedback-

“this one gives more of a feedback pop at impact”

” im loving this DVS shaft”

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Much has been written about the “liveliness” of this shaft. A very responsive tip combined with a stable profile and “controlled” torque make this a very good shaft in the right hands, a player looking for distance not but not at the expense of control.


If there are any negatives, it may be or feel too “whippy” to some.

Overall Rating-

The Aldila DVS will fit well with a better-than-average player looking for extra distance. The responsiveness with control is well documented and would be a nice find for anyone looking for this combination.