The Wilson Di11 irons have picked up in popularity, mainly due to the half-and-half steel and graphite shaft – custom built for the mid-handicapper looking for power and consistency.  By providing a low CG (Center of Gravity) and ultra-wide sole, the results have been coming in positive.

Key Technologies-

First of all, the new Di11 comes with sweet spot the size of Texas that produces exception ball speed.  As much as 36% larger sweet spot than the leading OEM’s, including TaylorMade, Callaway, and Ping, was recorded during testing.

The wide sole and low CG provides a high launch and ball flight, making the Di11 the epitome of game-improvement irons.

Wilson did their homework when they discovered as much as 85% of shots are hit off-center.  Subsequently, they developed and patented the wide-tip shaft technology counters as much as 85% of the twisting that occurs during off-center hits.

Elastometric Coating is responsible for significant vibration reduction during off-center hits.

Wilson Di11 Specs-

Hand RH, LH
Flex Options Uniflex
Set Makeup 4-PW, GW
Grip Lamkin
Shaft Options SL-95 Wide Tip Uniflex, UST Proforce Tip Control Wide-Tip Uniflex, Half-and-Half

Wilson Di11 Irons Video Review-

Actual Player Feedback-

“I have played with the Wilson Di7 clubs for the past two years and loved them. The Wilson Di11 irons offer more feel and look superb at address”

“For anyone with a Mid to High handicap these clubs are fantastic”

[review pros=”The Wilson Di11 irons are custom made for the mid handicapper looking for that extra power and consistency not found in mainstream irons.  Wilson has made its presence known on the PGA tour but is still considered the every day golfer manufacturer.”  cons=”Many testing the Di11 were not fond of the half and half shaft.  Being a game improvement iron, many wanted more feedback from bad shots.”  score=99.3]


The new Wilson Di11 irons are a game improvement irons through and through.  If you are looking for more power and consistency in an iron, you’ll want to to add the Di11 irons to your list.