The Wilson D-FY irons is the new super game improvement irons that is a fully integrated, iron and hybrid combination.  Wilson released these new babies last year and received a lot of praise.  If you are a golfer looking to improve distance and control, the D-FY irons fit the bill.

The D-FY’s is a fully integrated set that includes a pair of hybrids that almost look like a wood.  Looks like a wood, acts like wood, but feels like a heavenly hybrid.  No more struggling with those long irons or worse yet, not playing the  long irons at all and settling for a shorter irons just to be able to advance the ball on those long par 4’s or par 5’s.  The D-FY’s provide the technology you come to expect from Wilson.  The technology actually originated from baseball bats, by a company called Demarini.  The Wilson D-FY’s produce low torque of steel, the light weight and dampening of graphite.

Golf Channel video quick clip of the D-FY-

Here’s one more video review of the Wilson D-FY’s:

Actual Player Feedback-

“I got a quick chance to try these out at the outing and loved them”

“The forgiveness and trajectory in the mid-irons was incredible”

[review pros=”The integrated iron and hybrid set has exceeded expectations for some golfers in the mid to high handicap range.  The half steel, half graphite shaft is very innovative.  Again, the mid to high handicapper will definitely appreciate the ease to get the ball air borne and provide more distance on this longer irons.” cons=”If we could fine one, it would be the limited shaft option.  The ones that maybe don’t care for the innovative shaft, may find them too limiting to give it a go.” score=99.5]

Overall Rating-

Two enthusiastic thumbs up!  If you are looking for a serious set of super game improvement irons that increase distance and control, and do it in high tech-fashion, you definitely should give the Wilson D=FY irons a close looks.