We know that many people still pose their doubts on custom club fitting. It is understandable though. It is especially true if the person we are talking to put a good amount of money and careful thought when he picked his set of golf equipment at the leading golf stores. We cannot blame them for that. However, to prove that custom club fitting is not for marketing purposes but really works, let us provide the doubters with technical information on how it is done and why it is effective.

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I have approached my own golf game with this mentality, and thus have visited over a half-dozen club fitting facilities in my career ranging from local golf shops to certified club fitters with their own shop. …. http://coolclubs.com/locations/ · Reply. Dave November 20, 2012 at 11:48 am. Sara nice write up, it is good to see fitting numbers at the reality end of the spectrum. I am not sure if matrix shafts are part of cool clubs fitting matrix but since your numbers are almost

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Few equipment manufacturers, if any, are as closely linked to custom fitting as Ping Golf. In this Q&A CEO John Solheim discusses how the company’s fitting techniques have changed to help pros and amateurs alike.

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I was always good at math, and I worked in finance for a while. But my interest in golf and building things got the better of me, and in 1990 I opened a store called Custom Golf.

Custom fitting golf clubs is done scientifically and technically proven through the data generated by the modern equipment and technology discussed above. Doubting golfers are encouraged to go and see how custom club fitting can change the way they hit the ball. Try comparing your scores from using standard off-the-rack clubs versus custom fitted ones. Low handicappers can also take advantage of this technology. Visit a professional club maker now and experience the difference of playing with custom fitted golf clubs.