Some people may raise their eyebrows if they hear another say that club fitting is a need for a golfer. Some would consider it a luxury. Well, if these people would, then he or she must not have experienced how club fitting makes a difference in the golf course. Custom golf clubs are the output of tailoring the equipment so that they would meet the physical and swing characteristics of a golfer. Since every golfer has a distinct characteristic and style, it follows that the equipment each golfer would need is also distinct from another. The following are scientific proofs why club fitting is a need and not a luxury.

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Through the years, the standard set of golf clubs has been designed for an average person, with average height, and average swings. But when you go to the driving range do you ever see an average person hitting balls? No…everyone is | Do I Need Custom Golf Club Fitting?

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A: You need customfitted clubs because: 1. Customfitted clubs are tuned to your playing ability and swing so that your energy or lack there-of is efficiently utilized by the golf club to improve your game. 2. Once clubs are fitted

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James Achenbach: There is not a better example of customized, personalized fitting than Masters champion Bubba Watson.

You must be convinced by now. If not, try to be more observant the next time you step into the driving range. Pay attention to how each golfer would swing their bodies as he or she hits the ball. Upon closer look, you will find something distinct with each one. And that is how it really goes. That is why golf equipment are tailored according to match these characteristics. This is the same reason why standard golf clubs do not deliver the same performance as custom golf clubs do. Now, do you think it is a need or a luxury?