(H/T GolfWRX)

Many golf fans know of the equipment vans that travel from stop to stop on the PGA Tour, logging some 35,000 miles per year at 35-to-40 Tour events. They may know of the Tour reps residing inside to aid company players. But does the public truly understand the intricacies of this system?

Well, TaylorMade is opening up its equipment van doors in a new online series called “Tour Truck Confidential,” and no detail is spared. Episodes One and Two are already out and the message of the series is clear: Give viewers an in-depth look into the van’s day-to-day operations and the lives of the Tour reps inside.

The tale of the equipment van and what resides inside may have been told before, but likely not at this level. In the initial episode, we are introduced to the mix of Tour reps in the TaylorMade van. This segment includes information on their specific jobs, their eclectic personalities and the intense schedule they keep from week-to-week.

With a Sunday-to-Wednesday workweek, the scene inside is predictably hectic.

“We’re kind of a traveling circus out there sometimes,” Tour Rep Paul Loegering says. “We spend more time with each other than we do our families at times.”

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