In hybrid design, the focus isn’t only about how to give the smallest metalwoods more springlike effect to achieve extra distance. It’s about how to make it easier to get the right lofts to match your set needs.

Callaway’s answer is the new Big Bertha hybrid ($250; 19, 22, 25, 28 and 31 degrees). It uses a cup face that wraps over the crown and sole to improve impact on center and off-center hits.”The head is deeper front to back, and we’ve taken some of the weight and loop-big-bertha-hybrid-hero-518 moved it to the back to create a slightly larger moment of inertia and to make it slightly easier to get the ball up in the air,” says Callaway’s Alan Hocknell.

The Big Bertha hybrid comes in five adjustable heads that can be set to four lofts (minus 1 degree to plus 2 degrees) and two lie angles.

H/T Gold Digest