The Taylormade R7 Limited is a thin wall titanium driver that allows room for three movable weights.  The stretched triangle shape dramatically increases MOI.  Nothing new with Taylormade.  They’ve got a history of stretching the limits on all the drivers they manufacturer.  But it should be duly noted that this driver can affect the ball flight by as much as 20 left and 15 yards right.  That’s definitely pushing the limit of manipulation by a change of a setting.  But its all good.  Even though adjusting ball flight by movable weights has been around a while, Taylormade is really the originator of the concept and probably has had the most success with it as well.

Taylormade R7 Limited Specs-

Face Height – 52 mm
Face Area – 42.5 cm
Heel to Toe – 106 mm
Shaft Length – 45.5″
Front to Back – 112 mm
MOI – High
Launch Angle – Low to Medium
Spin – Medium to High

Actual Player Feedback-

“I find the face of this Limited driver is hotter and carries further. The adjustability really works”

“Fantastic trajectory, but I don’t like the triangle shape…”

“Produces the best feel of any driver out there.  My wow club”


Taylormade is the authority on movable weights and this one is another good one.  Sleek look, built on a 460 cc head with a Matrix Ozik stock option.


The knock on Taylormade is that they introduce new drivers every time you turn around.  Then after a new one comes out, the prices drop.

Overall Rating-

The Taylormade R7 Limited is another good driver.  The powerful feel of a Taylormade driver never gets old, and this one is definitely no exception.  The sleek look and finish makes this a definite driver to consider this year in your quest for the perfect driver.  Having the Matrix Ozik as a stock option doesn’t hurt either.