The brand new Srixon Z-Star Driver promotes a variable thickness that produces a bigger sweet spot.  The STAR system, which Srixon in turn, coined it the Z-STAR fitting system, allows you to independently adjust face angle and the internal weighting of the clubhead which in turn results in much more accuracy off the tee.  We will touch on this exclusive fitting system later.   The Srixon Z-Star driver also boasts the Starburst variable face design, which enlarges the driver’s high COR area by 5 percent, providing added distance and forgiveness.

Srixon Z-Star Technology-

So now let’s delve into the Z-STAR system more.  It stands for Speed, Trajectory, Alignment, and Responsiveness.  At the top of the pyramid sits speed and this is a welcome sight.  Srixon understands the direct correspondence of a properly fitted shaft and driver to drive results.  Having the up and coming Miyazaki as a shaft offering makes the Srixon Z-Star a very attractive opportunity for many golfers.

Actual Player Feedback-

“Might be the best marriage of head and shaft I’ve seen”

“The adjustability in two ways with the weights and the hosel is cool, and the face is hot”

“Great Driver, a must try!!”

“If your in the market for a new driver, do yourself a favor and try the Z-Star”

[review pros=”It’s nice to see Srixon partner up with one of the premier shafts manufacturers, Miyazaki. The Miyazaki is a custom shaft designed specifically for adjustable clubs and maximizes consistency using all 12 positions to its fullest.” cons=”Distance was the one concern” score=99.5]


If a new driver is in your future, you owe it to yourself to give the Srixon Z-Star driver.  It’s definitely a sleeper for the class of 2011′.  Miyazaki Dromo is a match made in heaven, for those looking for a mid torque for an extra kick.  The consistency makes the Z-Star truly in a class of its own.