The Ping i15 driver is a fade-biased driver that belongs in the bag of only better players, designed for golfers that can “work” the ball in either direction.  Who the i15 is NOT for is the mid handicapper and certainly not the high handicapper.  Most mid-high handicappers need more spin and are prone to fading the ball which the majority are.  Nope, the i15 is made for the player that has command of his shots.

That said, the Ping i15 is a very aesthetically pleasing driver.  The traditional pear shaped 460 cc head is designed for maximum and optimal energy transfer.  The bulge crown design provides a solid feel with reduced spin.  The lower spin allows for a piercing trajectory the better player loves to see.

Actual Player Feedback-

“WOW!! I have used a few Ping drivers, for distance the i15 (8deg stiff shaft) gives me another 30-40 meters off the tee. 230+ metres”

“this is one amazing club, highly recommened”

“Great feel. Great Look. Solid Club”

Shaft Options (new category)-

Ping TFC700D – a shaft designed by Ping for the i15.

UST Mamiya AXIVcore Tour Red


The Ping i15 is designed for the better player in mind looking for a lower launch and it looks like Ping delivered.  This driver has gotten some rave reviews around and continues to grow in popularity.


For the average or high handicapper this is a driver that is best to stay away from – the characteristics this driver will not help your game.  In addition, I would have liked to see more shaft options.  These are two good shafts, but a better selection would have improved the marketability – players looking at this driver will want to see a good shaft selection.

Overall Rating-

Again, this driver is geared for the better player in mind and Ping delivers.  If you are a better player looking to reduce your spin, lower your launch, and in the process gain distance, this may be the driver for you.  The Ping i15 is not established yet and will be interesting to see if it can keep the momentum going.  [ad#ad-1][ad#ad-3]