The new and vastly improved Titleist AP1 have a smaller blade length and less offset that its predecessor.  The AP1 took the successes found in other AP models and created an iron that that should definitely be on the short list come November, 2009 when Titleist launches the iron.

The AP1 features a 65 gram Tungsten-nickel bar along the sole for extreme forgiveness.  In fact the COG (Center of Gravity) is a full 8 percent lower than the previous AP model.


  • Provide look, feel, shot control and higher flight with forgiveness
  • Advanced performance, multi-material, dual cavity, technical cast irons
  • Mainly targeted at the avid golfer with a decent skill set.
  • Actual Player Feedback-

    Very consistent and forgiving. Definitely get a set of irons custom made for your physique. I hit many irons before buying these incluing Nike, Mizuno, etc. and these were the clubs for me – no regrets, and they even look sweet!”

    “Irons look & feel great. Perfect weighting. Demoed CG7, X22, G10, r7 CBG Max, and Di9. Kept going back to the AP1’s. Very happy with purchase. Would recommend as a “tweener” iron.”


    With the name of Titleist backing up the R&D of golf equipment, need you say more?  The AP1 is a great looking iron with features to back it.  The thinner face awith a cavity medallion provides exceptional lively and solid feel.


    Some talk about questionable durability.

    Overall Rating-

    Titleist for the most part will lead the pack in R&D and workmanship.  The Titleist AP1 preliminary findings make this an iron to watch in 2010.  A game-improvement iron sure to get an extensive following.