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You may not know this (I didn’t), but the Grafalloy ProLite is the “winningest graphite shaft in the history of golf and the pioneer of ultra-lite shaft design” that, is straight from Grafalloy’s website.  That’s quite an accomplishment considering the graphite shaft has been around for many years with new competition coming out year in, year out.

The Grafalloy ProLite is an ideal shaft for better players looking to tweak their ball flight and gain distance through a lighter shaft with an emphasis on tighter torque readings to accomplish their goals.

Grafalloy offers three models of their ProLite shaft, the ProLite HL (High Launch), ProLite 35 and ProLite 45 – the number represents Torque, not weight. The ProLite 35 (3.5 Torque) is designed for the stronger player looking for reduced spin rates and lower launch and the ProLite 45 (4.5), more for the average to better player needing perhaps a bit more spin and higher launch.  The ProLite HL is a higher Torque (4.2 ~ 4.8) that produces a higher ball launch.

Actual Player Feedback-

“Nice shaft for lower ball flight”

“Good players want to have the ball bore through the wind. A high flex point shaft is what you want. This shaft, although considered old technology, has yet to be surpassed by a “new” product”

“couldn’t believe the response in this shaft”

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This is a proven shaft – the ProLite has been around for years and the technology sound.  Even though Grafalloy sells a lot of these shafts, they try and promote their newer ones so maybe this one slipped under the radar.  The ProLite is probably one of those unsung heroes.  Again, the lighter weight does wonders trying to achieve maximum ball speed, especially for the average to better player.


If we had to find any negatives about the ProLite it would be the positive.  It’s been around forever.  I’m sure many shafts could probably lay claim to newer technology than the ProLite, but would it be better?

Overall Rating-

Being a fan and firm believer of lighter shafts, to boost your ball speed and distance, the Grafalloy ProLite shaft is definitely a winner.  Proven technology that continues to deliver.