Many golf fanatics have understood and accepted the technology of golf club fitting but very few are familiar how a golf fitting chart is used during the club fitting process. Getting your golf clubs custom fitted is one of the best decisions you make in your sport. Golf fitting charts will lead you to the perfect golf clubs to be purchased. Your club hunting experience will be much exciting knowing that all the process is done accurately and scientifically. Reading the chart may seem difficult for starters but you will eventually find it easy. Here is how it works!

Using Your Own Golf Club Fitting Chart To Help You Play Properly …


Using Your Own Golf Club Fitting Chart To Help You Play Properly. If is necessary for you to take a hold of a golf club fitting chart when finding the best set of golf clubs to use. You should know that an excellent game will

3Jack Golf Blog: Trackman Recommended Driver Fitting Chart


Trackman Recommended Driver Fitting Chart. Here’s a chart provided by friend of the blog John Graham ( on the launch and spin #’s recommended for a given attack angle and clubhead speed.

Whether you play golf as a hobby or as a career, there is no better way of improving your game than getting your golf clubs fitted to your style of playing. Golf fitting charts are perfect tools to ensure that you are purchasing the right golf clubs. It contains accurate measurements of your physical characteristics which will be the basis of finding the golf clubs which best suits you. Read your golf charts, use them and make your way to a much improved performance at the golf course.