Graphite Design announced a new shaft to their already stellar line called the G Series.  The G Series shaft is designed to be adaptable to today’s new head technology and has been met with high praise.  In fact, the G Series scored a 3rd place out of the gate at the PGA Wells Fargo Championship in May of 2011.

“We already have five G 60 shafts in play on the PGA Tour after only four weeks and we are thrilled that the third place finisher at the Wells Fargo Championship has chosen to play this next generation of Graphite Design shafts,” commented Tak Yamada, VP of Sales & Marketing, Graphite Design. “This immediate level of interest in the G series is a direct result of the technology and performance characteristics that went into the design of this shaft. We look forward to continued success with the G series shaft on all Tours.”


The G series characteristics definitely favor the better player with a low to mid launch trajectory and mid ball spin. The brand spanking new X Directional Technology – XDT – incorporates the use of the already proven Graphite Design MSI (Material Stiffness Integration) method as well as this new and unique application of graphite fiber alignment throughout the shaft structure.  It was during the development phase of XDT, measurable performance gains were discovered through a more balanced distribution of the graphite fibers within the plies of the shaft design. This proprietary application of XDT has made the new G series the most balanced, versatile high performance golf shaft available today.

G Series Specs-

Available in four weight classes:
40 gram (Lite, Regular and Stiff flexes)
50 gram (Lite, Regular and Stiff flexes)
60 gram (Regular, Stiff and X-Stiff flexes)
70 gram (Stiff and X-Stiff flexes)
[review pros=”The Graphite Design G Series is crafted for the serious-minded player looking for a perfect fit.  Built on a fairly light chassis, the G Series affords the player low-mid spin with moderate spin, making this a choice of players with proper ball flight in mind.  XDT (X Directional Technology) nicely incorporates the proven MSI (Material Stiffness Integration) to make a very balanced feel.”  cons=”Still new and relatively unproven in the market.” score=99.6]


Although still too new to get a good feel for the overall response of the G Series from Graphite Design, the overwhelming response so far has been very positive.  We have always been a fan of Graphite Design.  We feel, they are one of those solid shaft companies that still places a premium on delivering quality into each and every shaft made.