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Matrix introduced the Radix with one thing in mind, to penetrate the mid-market, occupied by the majority of golfers.  Let’s face it, not many golfers have the stomach to fork over $250 to $400 for a shaft such as the flagship Ozik.  The Ozik is a great shaft, but is marketed a few.  The Radix was introduced in 2010, using the award-winning “HD” structural design without putting too much burden on the golfer’s pockets.

Some may wonder where the name Radix stems from.  Well, it’s Latin for base or root. The Radix has the HD design, giving Radix the most advanced and perhaps the only internal structure technology in its class.


Matrix Radix is similar to the trickle down of technology in motor racing, giving the RADIX HD an advanced internal structure technology.  The Radix HD introduces a unique design that guarantees the same tip-to-butt stiffness ratio throughout the flexes.  Since the ratio remains intact, ball flight is progressively flattened as the overall flex stiffens.  The Radix HD 7321 is a similar to the OZIK F7M2, which is built on the advanced HD chassis.

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Matrix Radix

Matrix Radix Specs-

Matrix HD Radix XX Stiff (XX) 117+ 270 – 275
Matrix HD Radix X Stiff (X) 110 – 116 263 – 267
Matrix HD Radix Strong (SG) 103 – 109 257 – 261
Matrix HD Radix Stiff (S) 96 – 102 251 – 255
Matrix HD Radix Firm (F) 89 – 95 245 – 249
Matrix HD Radix Regular (R) 82 – 88 240 – 245
Matrix HD Radix Senior (A) 70 – 78 230 – 235
Matrix HD Radix Lady (L) 45 – 55 215 – 220

Actual Player Feedback-

“The graphics on that thing are very nice!!!!!”

“this is the step above the studio line”

“I was very pleased (I’ve been begging them for a shaft in this price range ever since they dropped the MFS Matrix)”

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[review pros=”The Matrix Radix is a great shaft for the masses, a mid to mid-high launch and spin rate shaft will be a perfect fit for many. In addition, we like the various weight classes offered – the Matrix 4, starting at 47 grams all the way up to the Matrix 7 which is 78.5, and finally the Matrix 7321 Proto.” cons=”Jury is still out on this one.  Preliminary findings are excellent, but many golfers simply stay away from Matrix because of the price tag associated.”  score=99.5]


The Matrix Radix is definitely an alternative to the high priced Ozik.  That said, this shaft is gear more for the average golfer as well.  No doubt this is a great shaft and will do well for Matrix.  In its first week on the PGA Tour, RADIX HD went into play with a PGA Championship winner.