Introducing the Fastest Shaft in Golf – this is another fine addition to the Fujikura line that has received a ton of anticipatory buzz starting from our Sneak Peak – initial announcement back in November, 2010.  Most of the feedback we have seen has been extremely positive.

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The new Fujikura Blur was first introduced at the Players Championship last May and by all indications, the players using it, which included Alex Cjeka, Thongchai Jaidee, and Ricky Barnes, thought very highly of the results.

Fujikura is definitely putting the Blur front and center as their lightweight shaft platform that is becoming so popular among all levels.


This is where it gets good.  The Blur is as one finely crafted model, a super lightweight shaft that utilizes the proprietary VEXX Carbon Interweave to its fullest.  Now the VEXX is certainly at the forefront of the shaft itself being the most innovative construction of the light-weight and ultra thin carbon tapes woven together.

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Optimal stiffness and feel are the primary benefits of the VEXX technology.  This is because carbon interweave technology places more carbon fibers in the direction of the shaft loading.  The end result is a stronger, stiffer, and more responsive shaft.  Another anomaly, albeit a positive one, is the fact that the Blur is a mid launch, mid spin, with a mid bend point shaft, something rarely seen in this weight class.

“It’s the lightest weave we’ve ever encountered by far, the VEXX woven-fabric lends itself to a lighter weight but also has the feel, torque and stiffness properties associated with a heavier shaft.” According to Fujikura President and COO Dave Schnider

Actual Player Feedback-

“everyone hit the octane with the blur and loved it”

“everyone who swings it has gained speed”

[review pros=”The VEXX technology is really sets this shaft apart from the competition on the Blur.  Lightweight shafts are definitely the hot technology now and for good reason.  A lighter shaft will in fact, increase swing/ball speed and distance.  The fact that TaylorMade has made the Blur a stock option on the new popular TaylorMade R11 shows the confidence they have in the shaft.” cons=”Unproven by the masses, but very promising.  Will most likely be for the average to better player looking for more ball speed.” score=99.4]


Overall, the Fujikura Blur looks very, very promising.  Early indications are this will be a popular addition to the already stellar shaft manufacturer.  I am a very big advocate on lighter weight shafts for most players.  The lighter weight coupled with the VEXX Carbon Interweave will provide a balance not yet seen in the major shaft lines.  All eyes will certainly be on the new Blur in 2011′.

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