Graphite Design has been a leader in the golf shaft industry for years, some of the best players in the world consistently play their shafts.  The Tour AD YSQ is without one of Graphite Design flagship shafts and for good reason.  The YSQ is a solid shaft from tip to butt.

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The Tour AD YSQ was introduced in 2008′ and is a modernized version of the YS+ series.  The new YSQ has added 6-10 yards by increasing ball speed 3% to 5% – thus Graphite Design coins this the NEW Tour AD YSQ.  This improvement was made possible Axial Composite Interlace (ACI), an exclusive technology that stabilizes the club by eliminating deformation – end result is Pure Distance and Perfect Accuracy, the ACI driven mantra coined by Graphite Design.

Below, are the latest specs released by Graphite Design.

Tour AD YSQ Shaft Specifications

Name Kickpoint Flex Weight
Tour AD YSQ 45 LOW Ultra Lite, RR, R, S 48
Tour AD YSQ 55 MID Lite, RR, R, S, X 55
Tour AD YSQ 65 MID R,S,X 67
Tour AD YSQ FW MID R,S,X 70 – 72
Tour AD YSQ 75 MID R,S,X 75 – 78

Below, is a visual of how ACI technology works (click to enlarge):

ACI Technology

Graphite Design makes a comparison to the 2008′ YS+ when referencing the new YSQ.  The 2008′ YS+ is slightly stiffer in the tip but the new YSQ has about 5% more Torque than the YS+ providing more distance and feel.

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Overall, the Tour AD YSQ is a mid-kick, mid spin, mid trajectory shaft that suits average to above average players.  The YSQ comes in four flavors, separated by weight: YSQ 45, YSQ 55, YSQ 65, and YSQ 75.  The YSQ 75 has a lower torque and is designed for the stronger player.

Below, is a visual characteristics of the YSQ:


Actual Player Feedback-

“YSQ has a higher profile than the YS6, and was the natural upgrade for me”

“I put this shaft in my Adam’s XTD Pro and I love it. It’s at least 10 yards longer and I have a lot more control”

[review pros=”Stable, mid spin rate, mid trajectory.  Graphite Design continues to build on the positives of one of the best and longest selling shafts +well priced and possesses the characterstics that fits a good sector of golfers.” cons=”Perhaps a bit on the heavy side for some.” score=98.8]

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Solid shaft that will provide a significant upgrade for most players.  Fits a large percentage of swing profiles looking for a mid kick, mid trajectory, and mid spin shaft.  The Graphite Design YSQ is definitely a shaft to try.

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My rating: 4.5 stars