Cobra introduced the new S3 driver for 2011 and is vastly improved over its like its predecessor, the Cobra S2.  What makes this driver even cooler is the stock shaft offering is the hot new Fujikura Blur shaft!

“We tested thousands of golfers and found that they hit the ball in an elliptical pattern across the driver face, not just around the center like everyone thinks.”


The Cobra S3 possesses the E9 Face Technology that creates a much larger sweet spot than the average driver – 30% larger sweet than the S2 to be exact!  The large sweet spot is a great lead-in to the Adjustable Flight Technology [AFT] that provides for launch-like conditions – excessively long with laser control are the two results that come to mind.  AFT provides the golfer to hone in on the flight path desired – open, neutral and closed.

Cobra performed a study and the results show 99% of golfers miss the center of the face in a candid, elliptical pattern from low heel to high toe.  To counter this, Cobra designed the S3 in a taller, more elliptical manner.  This design is what makes S3 what it is today, a workmanlike performer.

Additional Features include:

  • As mentioned, the hot new Fujikura Blur
  • Body Construction: Titanium
  • Grip: S3 Tour Velvet

Cobra S3 Specs-

Model/Loft “O” Setting “N” Setting “C” Setting Length Swing Weight Stock Flex RH/LH
8.5º +3.0º +1.5º 0.0º 45.5″ D5 S, X RH
9.5º +1.5° +0.0º -1.5° 45.5″ D5 R, S RH/LH
10.5º +1.5° +0.0º -1.5° 45.5″ D5 R, S RH/LH
11.5º +1.5° +0.0º -1.5° 45.5″ D4, D5 Lite, R RH

Cobra S3 Driver Video-

Actual Player Feedback-

“Clean lines, classic shape. Now way to miss this to the right”

“Trajectory? Wow. Looks like a bullet coming out of a barrel”

“A nice, firm, crisp sound – not a lot of the harsh after taste that you’ve had with previous Cobra drivers”

[review pros=”Overall, a big improvement over the S2. The strong suit is the accuracy and forgiveness.  The Fujikura Blur is a great add-on and we like the fact that they are keeping the shaft length at 45.5 inches!” cons=”Testing that was done fell short in the length category.”  score=99.2]


All in all, this is one of the better drivers Cobra has come out in years.  The Cobra S3 driver may not win the hearts of everyone that tries this one out, but it ranks right up there for the class of 2011′.