Cobra introduced the Cobra S2 Forged iron with the intention of making a statement.  Their goal?  Simple – manufacture a game-improvement iron that has superior control and feel with an emphasis on increasing distance – the three core elements golfers look for in all of their clubs.  By all counts, it appears Cobra passed with flying colors.  The new S2 is one of the more popular irons to come out and continues to gain stream in popularity.

Cobra S2 Forged Irons Specs-

3 iron – 19 degrees

4 iron – 22 degrees

5 iron – 25 degrees

6 iron – 28 degrees

7 iron – 31 degrees

8 iron – 35 degrees

9 iron – 39 degrees

PW – 43 degrees

GW – 49 degrees

Actual Player Feedback-

“Buttery forged smoothness like the Mizunos with a balanced cavity weighting like the 845s and Pings for those less than on center hits”

“They have strong lofts and go far”

“These irons are soft as silk and have exceptional feel”

“When I switched to forged clubs, I thought I would lose some distance. I was wrong!”
[review pros=”The S2 forged irons simply want to go long and straight. A slightly larger clubhead with above average forgiveness, makes this iron a must-try for any golfer looking to take their game to the next level. Don’t forget, the S2 offers Nippon NS Pro 1130 stock shafts!” cons=”Workability has been the knock on most all game-improvement irons, and the S2 may not sneak out of the radar screen. Also, the sole appears unusually wide but on the other hand, it seems to go through turf easily.” score=99.5]

Overall Rating-

Cobra has hit a home run with this one – the new Cobra S2 forged irons will not only improve distance, they added control and forgiveness for an added bonus.

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