Callaway FT-iQ Overview/Technology-

The Callaway FT-iQ is certainly one of the most interesting drivers of 2009′. The shape looks more like a torpedo than a driver but I must say, the reviews thus far have been favorable. Top that off with a Gold rating by Golf Digest Hot Drivers list, and you’ve got a potential winner here that will make a big impact this Spring.

The carbon fiber shell provides a an overall improvement to the head stability of the driver. By utilizing a hyperbolic X-design in the cupface and rear-weighted along with a stretched square shape, the MOI on this club stretches the limit of the PGA standard. The ball launch is considered higher than that of the FT-i, it’s predessor. In addition, the driver boasts a much lower spin rate than that of the FT-i.

Take a look at this review of the Callaway FT-iQ driver-

Callaway FT-iQ Spec Sheet-

Face Height…………….: 53 mm
Face Area……………….: 43.7 cm
Front to Back…………..: 112 mm
Heel to Toe……………..: 103 mm
Shaft Length (stock)…: 45 in
MOI………………………..: EXTREME (bordering on illegal:)

58.0º RH Only
10º 58.0º RH / LH
11º 58.0º RH / LH
13 HTº 58.0º RH Only

Actual Player Feedback-

“Very straight with a muted sound at impact”

“Explosive off the clubface”

“… it’s HOT”

Callaway FT-iQ Driver

Callaway FT-iQ Driver


A very high tech driver that provides a feeling of confidence at address. The stealthy looking head shape provide a larger hitting area while keeping the sleek design. The extreme MOI provides a the average golfer with the resources to launch the ball with ease. New Mitsubishi Fubuki shaft nails it as being state of the art.


The closed club face does take the “workability” away from the scratch or low handicap golfer.


The Callaway FT-iQ will become a hit for sure. The club is designed with the recreational player in mind, an extremely high MOI coupled with a low spin, provides all the ammunition for a straight, long ball. The fact that it is fitted at the factory with a Mitsubishi Fubuki, one of the hottest driver shafts on the market, makes this driver a must-see, must-try, driver for 2009′!