Adams continues its assault on providing top of the line, aerodynamic drivers ready for prime-time.  And the new Adams Speedline FAST 10 driver is no exception, falling into the technological wonder category.  Just ask Jamie Sadlowski, two-time RE/MAX World Long Drive Champion.  He switched to the new Adams Speedline Fast 10 and continues his winning ways, with nothing but praise for the new driver (as seen in the video below).

Adams engineers studied the computational fluid dynamics and used wind tunnel testing to reshape curves along the under carriage for improved flow.  Yes, you heard that right, wind testing!  The result is a aerodynamic high launching masterpiece that is also forgiving.

The Speedline Fast 10 is a high launch, mid spin driver that comes in 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, and 12.5.  Adams also offers the 9.5 and 10.5 in the Draw model.

Actual Player Feedback-

“I have all three Adams Speedline models and love all of them. My fast10 has the Ozik shaft and 8.5 degree head and I kill it!”

“My typical shot in low so I was very impressed on how high this club launches for an 8.5 degree head”


“super long and straight…”

“Easy to swing, and the ball took off with an aggressive sound”

[review pros=”There are many positive takeaways with this beast, but the ones that stick in everyone’s mind is aerodynamic and forgiving.  This equates to one long driver off the tee.  Anyone looking for a high launching driver that increases ball speed due to its innate dynamic structure, this one is an absolute winner.” cons=”Not many but a few worth mentioning… it may launch a bit higher than some want, but they, but be the minority.  The other knock is Adams still trails some manufacturers in the MOI (Moment of Inertia) area.  The mid spin may scare some of the higher handicappers away.” score=99.6]

Overall Rating-

Some of Adams website quotes on the Speedline Fast 10: “15 yards more distance,” “Faster Clubhead Speed,” “Faster Ball Speed,” “10% less drag,” “10% more Forgiveness.” It does appear the Adams hit another home run and an outright winner with the Adams Speedline Fast 10, also making the Gold rating honors in Golf Digest driver reviews for 2010′.

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