The Accra DyMatch originated by the sheer number of players, both recreational and tour, that were using the same drivers shaft, fairway wood shaft and hybrid shaft.

“That situation led to some interesting discoveries. “We got to learn and watch what was going on out on the tour and DyMatch is a direct derivative of what we learned in our first year.”

“Until now most manufacturers have been design shafts statistically – creating them based on specs and profiles that they want to achieve. Then they take them out and test them.”

For the DyMatch took a very different approach. They challenged their engineers on a project, giving them the premise that the specs were going to be thrown out the window – they basically wanted a “kick ass” driver shaft using general profiles. That is, a shaft based on a tip and butt section.

Th end results is an exceptional driver shaft between 55 and 75 grams with an easier “load” than any previous Accra. They proceeded to test their shaft on average golfers all the way up to Tour players. A resounding consensus was met – the “smoothest” feeling shaft, maybe on the market.

The DyMatch comes in three models (S Series) and one iron model (I Series).

Accra DyMatch S1 Series-
This series of shafts is designed for the golfer looking for speed and distance.

Accra DyMatch S2 Series-
The Series #2 shafts are designed to increase stability for those with higher club head and ball speeds.

ACCRA DyMatch S3 Series-
The S3 Series is the ultimate matched series of graphite shafts designed for the serious golfer looking for performance and feel.

Actual Player Feedback-


A very smooth feeling shaft that will fit many player profiles.


Price tag is higher than most shafts.

Overall Rating-

We like this shaft because Accra took the time and went against the grain a bit on this one. Most shaft makers will not even entertain the thought of not conforming to specs. Well, Accra did it and it looks like the pulled out a good one – The Accra DyMatch is a unique shaft that caters to many types of players.