Ok, this is one shaft that probably took too long to review. The Accra AXIV may not get the looks of the Aldila and Fujikura. But let me tell you, it’s a shaft that deserves more attention than what it receives. The Accra team is a stellar group that delivers great shafts, the AXIV is no different.

The Accra AXIV major claim to fame? The “Rapid shaft Recovery System,” the system that resists deformation and allows the shaft to return to round faster than any other shaft on the market. The loading and unloading of the golf swing alters the characteristic of a golf shaft. The AXIV Tetra-axial is there to the rescue, weaving aids in the recovery of the shaft to ensure a consistent return to the ball for each swing.

Axiv Technology – a comparison of 1 Axis, 2 Axis, and 4 Axis Materials

1 Axis found in conventional shafts – used materials wrapped with only unidirectional plies. To affect hoop more plies, stiffer material or a larger butt diameter has to be used. The end results is a counter balanced design, stiffer shaft flex or too large of a butt diameter.

2 Axis found in graphite manufacturers – used bidirectional material in a single ply to work on hoop stability. Material could run 0 – 90 direction or 45 – 45 direction.

4 Axis found in the AXIV Technology (4 Axis material), engineered with only one ply of material, provides the most efficient design in terms of shaft stability.

Below, is a diagram of the technology-

Accra AXIV Technology

Accra AXIV Technology

Actual Player Feedback-

“Very, very good shaft”

“I highly reccommend the Accra at half the price of my Ozik”

“I’m really pleased with the results and the ballflight….”


A great shaft especially for the money. Accra is not a top-end shaft when it comes to cash outlay. But the quality is as good as it gets.


The marketing done on the shaft keeps it a relative unknown, a sleeper.

Overall Rating-

The Accra AXIV is definitely a shaft worth looking at – a high quality shaft at a very reasonable price. Accra is known for producing high quality shafts and the AXIV lives up to expectations.