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There are hot streaks, and then there’s this.


Dom Debonis is an 81-year-old Pennsylvania with a 14-handicap who, on a recent buddies trip to Myrtle Beach, had three aces in three days, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.


Considering the odds of making a hole-in-one at all for a golfer of that skill level are about 12,000-to-1, it’s tough to understate how unlikely making three in three days actually is. The odds are likely so astronomical, no one’s even bothered to calculate them.


Here’s a selection from the article:


Nobody, though, would have expected this. On Day 3 of their trip, Mr. DeBonis and his group played at Blackmoor Golf Club Oct. 8. Sure enough, four holes into the round, he did it again — holing an 8-iron from 118 yards for his third hole in one in three days.

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