The True Temper Dynamic Gold is only our second iron shaft review, the Rifle Project X being our first. However, these two shafts, are without a doubt the heavy weights when it comes to iron shaft popularity. Keep in mind, True Temper Sports manufactures not only the Dynamic Gold, but Rifle Project X and Grafalloy. True Temper is a leader in the shaft market and one of their crown jewels is the Dynamic Gold, laying claim to being the most popular iron shaft on the PGA Tour.

The Dynamic Gold is a high-flex, tour weight shaft designed for skilled players seeking a low, penetrating ball flight and an optimum control and accuracy being a premium. Dynamic Gold woods are now available with a .350″ tip for clubs with oversize hosel diameters. Available in tapered irons, parallel woods and parallel irons. To top it, the Dynamic Gold’s are matched by weight for consistency throughout the set; weight tolerance on each shaft is .030 oz. Bend Point: High. The patented Sensicore technology, with the vibration-damping power, is believed by many, the reason for the highly successful results.

Actual Player Feedback-

True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts are the standard other steel shafts are judged against, with good reason. These are inexpensive, durable, and above all trustworthy”

These shafts are very consistent and are my favorite”


True Temper is probably the standard in iron shafts and there’s good reason for their success – experience, technology and confidence. True Temper does not skimp on R&D and it shows – their following is second to none.


None really. Sure, there will be golfers that prefer another manufacturer, but all in all, True Temper Dynamic Gold is a premium shaft.

Overall Rating-

Again True Temper is a leader in the shaft market and the Dynamic Gold is their pride and joy. The Dynamic Gold is geared for the better player looking for optimal ball-flight.

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