The Tour Edge Bazooka Geomax 2 provides the thing you might expect from a driver identified “bazooka” as a middle name – this is a bomber!  The Tour Edge Bazooka Geomax touts a more than generous 20% larger clubface that creates an unbelievable target of a sweet spot.  And if that’s enough to get you drooling for a slap off the tee box, well take hold of the four weighted cavities in the rear of the sole that lower the CG to its max.  No doubt, this driver is made for bombing.

Tour Edge Bazooka Specs-

Four lofts – 9.0 – 0 square, 10.5 1 degree closed, 12.0 – 1 degree closed, and 15.0 – 2 degrees closed.  Driver comes in five shat options made by Grafalloy.

Actual Player Feedback-

“Wow! What a surprise! This driver is sweeeet!”

“Great sound, control and distance”

“Super is all i can say. I had been using a Taylor 580Xd and boy how his stick has helped my tee game”


The Bazooka GeoMax 2 is made for players who need help getting the ball in the air and down the fairway… even on mishits.  A very good driver that pads the distance and keeps the round-ending bad days off the tee to a minimum.


The driver is certainly not for everyone – definitely caters to the recreational player.

Overall Rating-

Again, the Tour Edge Bazooka GeoMax 2 driver is not for everyone.  The better player is best looking elsewhere to improve workability.  However for the golfer looking for foregiveness, this is DEFINITELY worth a look.