The Vokey wedge needs no introduction — it’s arguably the best wedge in golf. Let’s look closer at the allure and popularity of this great wedge. Bob Vokey is the Titleist craftsman and brains behind the great Vokey wedge. Mr. Vokey is a tinkerer by nature,constantly tweaking his creations much to the delight of the Vokey followers. He listens to tour PGA players for their insight. And in many cases, institutes their ideas to the overall wedge design.

There are currently two Vokey models available, the Design Spin Milled and the 200 Series. Let’s the compare the two Vokey models to bring clarity as to their differences:

Vokey Design Spin Milled Features

  • 30% greater groove volume resulting in more spin rate.
  • Steeper draft angles resulting in additional friction for unparalleled shot-stopping ability.
  • Roughened texture for additional gripping.
  • Wide variety of sole and bounce configurations.
  • Two finish options, chrome and oil can.

Vokey 200 Series Features

  • Classic Teardrop profile.
  • High toe and shallow heel.
  • Standard U Grooves resulting in less spin.
  • Wide variety of sole and bounce configurations.
  • Two finish options, chrome and oil can.

The Vokey 200 Series is considered the more classic wedge configuration . The Vokey Design Spin Milled offers more spin and shot stopping capabilities. Thus making the Vokey Spin Milled the preference for somebody looking for more shot making assistance.

Player Profile-

In the past, Titleist have geared their wedges for the more accomplished player and that is probably the player it will continue to focus future marketing strategy toward. This is not to say mid to high handicapper would not benefit, but all in all the better player will appreciate this wedge more.

Player Random Feedback-

“Incredible wedge”

“They cut through sand like butter. And are awesome from the fairways”

“perfect wedge in many respects”


It is probably the best engineered wedge out there… and that’s saying a lot! Nobody really comes close to the design and workmanship as the Vokey.


As previously mentioned, the less accomplished player would probably be better suited for another wedge.

Overall Rating Review-

The Titleist Vokey wedge is one of the best wedges available today, especially for the better player.