This model was introduced in 2007′ as a successor to the CG10 and CG11 wedge models. Other than the CG12 being the next higher model number however, it has nothing more in common with the CG11. The Cleveland CG12 has great characteristics that include a classic design while boasting an advanced manufacturing process that make this wedge technologically advanced. The big hype for the CG12 was the introduction of “Zip Grooves.” Zip grooves are larger than the average wedge grooves which allow debris to be swept away, resulting in cleaner ball contact. These grooves are milled to maximum allowable conformance dimensions using a proprietary CNC mill bit to create envelope stretching geometry.

Player Profile-

Even though Cleveland proclaims the CG12 as being a wedge for all skill levels, it is widely conceived that the wedge is probably better suited for the more experienced or accomplished player.


This wedge is a classic before it’s time. The Zip Groove technology add another dimension to wedges never before seen. Cleveland is the leader in wedges with its closest competitor Titleist and is far and away the winner for the recreational player.


None to speak of. The only negatives coming from forums is the tendancy for the CG12 to be “soft”. This is definitely a subjective matter though as many feel would feel softness would be a positive.

Actual Player Feedback-

First thing is they have reinstilled the lost confidance around the greens I used to have”

“Easy to hit, come off clean and REALLY high. For the first time I am hitting my short shots with great confidence”

Overall Rating-

Great wedge, simple as that. You really cannot go wrong with Cleveland wedges and the Cleveland CG12 holds its own against any wedge on the market. You have an optoin of both chrome and “oil can” finish and is without a doubt one of the best wedges on the market today.