There have been many questions that were raised with regard to which shaft is best for this and that type of driver. When golfers were asked of how they think golf shafts are chosen, various answers may be heard. However, most of these answers are wrong. We can learn from that there are specific principles that must be followed when choosing shafts. Here are some tips golfers can use when choosing golf shafts.

Choosing a Shaft for Your Golf Club | Improve Your Golf Game & Score

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Golf like any other game can be enjoyed more if chooses to play with right equipment. Shaft should be looked as the most important component in the game of golf. Most of the times people do give importance to the club head 

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There are no established standards within the golf equipment industry for shaft flex, making it very important to get accurately fitted for the proper golf shaft.

Shaft Torque – Tested and Explained –

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HOW WE TESTED. For this test, we had golfers test drivers with low ↓, mid ↔, and high torque ↑ shafts. All 3 shafts had the same weight and flex, the only difference was torque. The golfers were able to choose whether they 

Golf players often misconceive the principles behind shafts and its characteristics. Some thinks that the higher the flex is, the farther the golf ball goes. Shafts have properties that when misunderstood will surely keep the golfer handicapped. Understand your shaft well. Observe how they work along your drivers. Maximize the potentials of your golf shafts. Get them customized and experience a consistent round of golf game.