If many people happen to find a hard time understanding the principle how the sport golf is played, how much more could it be if we are going to talk about the sport’s technical aspects. Golf involves the use of different golf clubs, club parts and accessories, each of which has its own function and characteristics. One of the most neglected components is the golf shaft. This article aims to provide easily understood information about golf shaft, its property called flex and how it can be sued to improve the golfer’s game.

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Understanding Golf Shafts. The technical aspects of golf can sometimes be difficult to understand. Many of us have spent a lot of time researching the club heads themselves, neglecting the shafts. Understanding the technical 

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From time to time Aussie Golfer will be featuring a number of guest posts from Daniel Marsh at Callaway Golf explaining the technical details associated with the golf swing and correct club fitting. What is shaft flex and why do I 

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Graphite or Steel, which Golf Shaft should you choose? Let us give you some help.


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HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT FLEX FOR YOUR CLUBS. All low handicappers and golfers who are serious about shooting the lowest scores possible consider flex in their clubs. It makes the science of hitting the ball so 

To be able to choose a golf shaft well, it is important to understand its role and purposes compared to the other components of your golf set. Learn by heart the different specifications used in classifying golf shafts. To understand more about custom fitting golf clubs, click http://wishongolf.com/.