Many golf players still are not aware of how important playing with customized golf clubs is. Or, even they do, they often neglect customizing their golf shafts. Playing golf at maximum possible potential won’t be possible if the shaft the golfer is using does not match his swing style. This rest of this article is written to provide basic knowledge on how a golf shaft can affect the golfer’s score while the website will help golf players find the perfectly fitting golf shaft for them.

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Shafts Explained. shaftsexplained Many amateur golfers don’t seem to realize the importance of having golf clubs that are properly fitted to their game. One important piece of the fitting process is getting the right shaft to 

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From time to time Aussie Golfer will be featuring a number of guest posts from Daniel Marsh at Callaway Golf explaining the technical details associated with t.

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There are no established standards within the golf equipment industry for shaft flex, making it very important to get accurately fitted for the proper golf shaft.

A golfer playing with a standard off the rack golf shaft may lose distance and accuracy during the game. Do not let a mismatched golf shaft ruin your experience in the course. With all the technology involved in golf club fitting, golfers can now easily find the shaft that perfectly matches the rest of his golf set. If you are not sure of how your shaft affects your game, let the professionals evaluate them for you. Feel free to consult golf fitting centers nearest you.